Streamline your interview feedback process. Make data-driven decisions

Record and transcribe every candidate interview

Review interviews from prior rounds in minutes

Review interviews from prior rounds in minutes
Search for specific keywords or listen only to the candidate speaking. Great for multi-round interviews!

Save time in writing interview notes

Save time in writing interview notes
Stop scribbling notes. Bookmark key moments with one click, then edit and distribute as notes

Make data-driven hiring decisions

Make data-driven hiring decisions
Search for specific competencies or review questions before making a hiring decision

Get a super smart recording of every candidate interview

  • Record all customer meetings, even as an attendee.
  • Play only sections by a speaker or when a keyword was mentioned.
  • View thumbnails of all presented slides, and jump to a specific one.
  • Easily post recordings to Slack or Chatter, or email to attendees or others.
  • During the meeting, bookmark key moments with a single click. You’ll receive transcribed sentences of these bookmarks.

Dead simple to get started

Simply invite [email protected] to your meeting

Invite Voicefox to a meeting

Voicefox dials-in and introduces itself, just like everyone

Once meeting ends,Voicefox saves and emails you minutes and entire recording

Start your 30-day trial for free

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