Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

Each week you have important meetings with clients, prospects, partners and your team. That’s on top of juggling everything else you need to get done!

How about saving some time, while increasing the impact of your meetings?


Get a super smart recording of every meeting

  • Record all customer meetings, even as an attendee.
  • Play only sections by a speaker or when a keyword was mentioned.
  • View thumbnails of all presented slides, and jump to a specific one.
  • Easily post recordings to Slack or Chatter, or email to attendees or others.
  • During the meeting, bookmark key moments with a single click. You’ll receive transcribed sentences of these bookmarks.

6 reasons you’ll love Voicefox

Attend fewer meetings without FOMO

Attend fewer meetings without FOMO
Do you need to personally attend each meeting? Rely on getting a smart recording right to your inbox instead

Be fully present and make a great impression!

Be fully present and make a great impression!
Stop scribbling notes. Bookmark key moments with one click

Save time writing notes

Save time writing notes
Review bookmarks and smart recording instead. When you need to distribute notes, don’t start from scratch

Review an hour-long meeting in minutes

Review an hour-long meeting in minutes
Smart recording lets you play only parts by a speaker or when specific keywords are mentioned, or jump to a slide

Run better meetings

Run better meetings
Stay on track and capture takeaways and action items

Gather insights across all your meetings

Gather insights across all your meetings
Search across all your meetings based on keyword, topic or speaker

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Commonly Asked Questions

You can easily invite Voicefox to any meeting with a virtual conference link. There are 2 options:
  1. Invite Voicefox from your calendar: Go to your Google, Outlook or whatever calendar you use. Invite [email protected] to any meeting. (the same way you’d invite other attendees)
  2. Sync your calendars with Voicefox - Sync your Google (Gmail) calendar (outlook coming soon), then access your meetings within Voicefox. You’re still in control and can select each meeting you’d like to invite Voicefox.
At the time of the meeting Voicefox will login to the conference as an attendee, record and analyze the conversation. At the end of the meeting, you’ll receive an email with a link to the smart recording

Today Voicefox works with Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Gotomeeting and BlueJeans. We plan to add Zoom, Skype/Teams, Webex and Uberconference over the next couple of quarters. If you’d like us to prioritize a specific system please email [email protected]

Voicefox records the audio and video (if available) of the entire meeting. The video Voicefox captures is the main video feed that you would see as an attendee. This could be screen share or webcam of the presenter.
It then transcribes the recording, identifies who is speaking and automatically detects when slides (or unique pages in your browser) are presented.

As the meeting organizer, you are in control.  By default, only you have access to the smart playback. Within a single click, you can email the meeting smart playback via email to all attendees or enter specific recipients.

With your subscription, you can invite Voicefox and get smart recordings of all types of meetings, and not limit it just to internal or customer meetings. These could include customer calls, prospect calls, hiring interviews, market research, daily standups, board meeting and any other meeting you organize or invited to.
The only limitation is the meeting must include a supported conference tool.