Voicefox is your personal notetaker for meetings

Stop scribbling notes during the meeting and give your full attention instead

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Bookmark key moments with a single click during the meeting

  • During the meeting, click on the bookmark button on your phone
  • Voicefox rewinds to the beginning of the sentence and saves the sentence
  • At the end of meeting, receive a timestamped transcription of your bookmarks

Or capture key moments while reviewing the smart recording

  • Play recording at 1.5x speed, or play only segments by a speaker or topic. Or jump to a specific slide
  • Press the bookmark button at any moment in the video. Voicefox rewinds to the beginning of the sentence and saves the sentence

Transform your highlights into nicely formatted meeting notes

  • Don’t start with a blank sheet. Prepopulate subject, attendees, duration and transcribed sentences of each bookmark
  • Easily make changes or addition points with the rich intuitive editor
  • Optionally add a timestamp to each bookmark, so readers can jump to that point in the recording

Easily distribute notes with attendees, your extended team or sync to your system of record

  • Share notes just with attendees, within your organization or create a public link
  • Post to Slack, Chatter, Microsoft Teams or other communication platforms
  • Sync to Salesforce activities, Gainsight 360, Hubspot, Google Drive, Box or other systems of record.

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