Search for interesting moments across your published video content

Transcribe and annotate your webinars and event webcasts

Explore a talk by Bessemer Ventures explaining the State of Cloud from Pulse, Gainsight’s 2017 customer conference. Search for a keyword or click on a slide to jump to that section in the video!

Solution Highlights

Let users easily review important moments

  • Search and play segments with specific keywords
  • Play segments only by a specific speaker
  • Jump to segment when a slide was presented
  • Let users bookmark and share key moments

Searchable SEO-friendly video hub

  • Global hub for all your webinars, webcasts and other presentations
  • Search across all videos by keyword, theme or speaker
  • Automatically generate transcriptions of videos that are SEO gold
  • Track what users are searching for and which sections they are playing
  • Integrates with Vidyard, Wistia, Brightcove and other video players

Key Benefits

Your viewers watch less than 7 minutes of your webinar. Let them navigate to the most interesting parts!

Your webinars, interviews, testimonials are SEO gold. Unlock this potential and see your search ranking take off

You have hours and hours of buried older videos. Bring them to life through the global search interface

Your marketing teams need to post fresh content to keep your site relevant. In a few clicks create engaging blog posts with highlights of a video or themes across a playlist of videos.

Give your sales team insights into what your customers are searching for and what parts of the video they are viewing.

Market highlights or your webinar or conference to non-attendees and other leads