Record and capture highlights from your online meetings

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Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

  • Attend fewer meetings without FOMO.
  • Never forget anything important.
  • Stop scribbling notes; be fully present.
  • Gather insights across your meetings.

Sales Professionals

Gain critical insights into your sales conversations

Customer Success

Gain insight and increase engagement from customer conversations

Product and UX Managers

Record and save highlights of customer feedback call

Hiring Teams

Streamlined interview process. Data-driven hiring decisions

Internal Meetings

Optimize follow ups and improve meeting efficiency

Product Highlights

Automatically record your meetings, even as an attendee

  • Voicefox dials in as a silent attendee and records the entire meeting.
  • Records exactly what you see, including web-cam and screen-share.
  • Automatically post recordings to Slack, or email attendees right after the meeting.

Review an hour-long call within minutes

  • Playback entire video at different speeds.
  • Play segments only by a specific speaker.
  • Search and play sentences where a keyword was mentioned.
  • Browse thumbnails of all the slides presented and jump to a specific slide.

Easily save key takeaways and share as notes

  • During the meeting, click on the bookmark button on your phone.
  • Voicefox rewinds to the beginning of the sentence and saves the sentence.
  • At the end of meeting, receive a timestamped transcription of your bookmarks.
  • Edit the notes and easily share on Slack, Chatter or via email.

Search and spot trends across all your meetings

  • Search for keywords – spoken or presented in a slide.
  • Search by speakers or attendees.
  • Understand trending topics across.
  • Uncover unwanted biases – people showing up late, gender or title biases.

It's dead simple to get started

Invite Voicefox to a meeting from your calendar (or sync calendar)

Voicefox attends and records the meeting

Voicefox emails you the smart recording after the meeting

Open your Google, Outlook or other calendar now and invite [email protected] a to any meeting with a web conference link

How Customers are using Voicefox

You may ask. Is it legal to record my meetings?

While the legalities varies based on where you are, it’s a really good idea to be transparent and let attendees know. Luckily, Voicefox has you covered
  •  Voicefox shows up as an attendee in the meeting for everyone to see
  • You can easily remove or eject Voicefox as an attendee
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